LPT 909


Tata LPT 909

Written by Administrator on 10 January 2011.


Tata Motors introduces the all new LPT 909EX, which is geared up to meet and provide solutions to a range of highly demanding transport applications from inner city and regional distribution to long distance trips.  This vehicle comes with the superior EX features like extra Torque, extra fuel-efficiency, extra reliability and durability, extra manouverability (through reduction in turning circle diameter). extra safety, with S-Cam Air Brakes and extra driver-comfort.  All these mean superior drivability, extra revenues and lower operating costs, thus extra profit.

The Tata LPT 909EX truck comes with an exciting and comprehensive array of features making it a 'no compromise' vehicle.  The advantages provided by this truck are unrivaled by any other vehicle in this segment.  Tata 909EX literally blows the competition apart in all areas, be it performance, safety,  comfort and reliability.

Salient Features:

  • High Deck  Variant in 3800mm WB & 3400mm WB

  • highest GVW (9600kg) in its class

  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiecy

  • Best in Class S cam Air Brakes with LCRV

  • Wider Tyres

  • Lowest Turning Circle Diameter

  • Spacious Deluxe Cabin

  • 3 Years/3 Lakh Kms Unmatched Warranty.